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Face Assault - (Full Movie)

Face Assault - (Full Movie)

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Tramplee is supposed to be the house boy for lovely Mistress Tori (who looks ravishing in her black pumps, stockings, and tight miniskirt). Unfortunately, he has a bad habit of sleeping on the job. This time he fell asleep with his head in the dreaded SMOTHER BOX! Big mistake. Tori demands punishment. "Hit me with your best shot," he sneers. Boy does she ever! She climbs aboard his body, trampling him mercilessly in those spike heels, stomping his crotch and even JUMPING up and down on his torso. Tori suffocates him with her hands, then forces him to tongue the soles of her shoes. "Suck my heel, or I'll shove it down your throat!" Sensual heel-sucking turns into brutal face-smashing. That's right: She doffs her shoes and stands right on top of his face…FULL WEIGHT, for a long, looooong time! She gags him with her stockings, then subjects him to cruel barefoot stompitude - frankly, we're pretty amazed that tramplee even has a crotch left! There's face-slapping, BAREFOOT face-standing, barefoot choking, LOTS of face-sitting ("How do you like my ass in your face, prick?"), and some very lovely breast-suffocation. Let's "face" it - Tori's one of the meanest bitches you'll ever meet!