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The Training - (Full Movie)

The Training - (Full Movie)

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Mistress Christy loves to hurt men. Her specialty is bare stocking trampling and all variations of smothering facesitting. She is dressed in a black dominatrix bra, black garter belt, black panties, black stockings and red high heel pumps. She jumps into action immediately with numerous kicks and punches to slave walter's chest, abusive body-dragging hair pulling, full-on facesitting in forward/reverse/side-saddle variations, neck breaking figure 4's, body squeezing leg scissors and crushing leg scissors to the neck until he finally passes out. Then she gets some rope and binds him into a hog-tie so she can drag him into the other room where she ties him in a tight spread-eagle position for some heavy forced trampling, jumping and more smothering facesitting with her big beautiful full ass. She abuses him like an old trampoline, jumping on and off of him while taking breaks to smother him to the brink of passing out again. She often grabs him by the hair to pull his face into her crotch. Other highlights include full-weight body slams, multiple wrestling holds, face slapping and prolonged full-weight standing with both feet parked on his head making his face grossly contort from the heavy pressure. There are also some great "slave-cam" shots of slave walter's point of view and two HEAVY high bar stool jumps at the end !!