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SmotherBox Abduction - (Full Movie)

SmotherBox Abduction - (Full Movie)

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It's the ultimate suffocation epic! Three sexy fetish lasses - Brittany, Starr, and Kaitlynn - have captured slave brad. They tie him to a table and shove his head into the smother box. His head pokes through the hole, just inviting the girls to plant their asses on his face, while he gasps like a fish out of water. Questions arise: Will Brittany actually piss on his face, as she threatens to do? Will Starr's dangerous spike heels actually puncture his chest as she stands on it, full weight? Will brad EVER be able to forget what Brittany's bare beaver smells like? Will his dick bleed when crushed underfoot so viciously? Can his body actually support the weight of two barefoot lovelies while the third uses her ass to rob him of all air? Just how much of Brittany's feet can he shove into his mouth? How much kicking can his poor ribs take? How can his face support a BAREFOOT combination of trampling/smothering? How can his cock and balls survive such a tight binding, followed by an even worse foot-crushing? Will busty Brittany show off the reasons why she got that nickname? (You know the answer to THAT one!) Will he survive her full-out breast-smothering attack? Just what is that thing Brittany uses to slap his body and balls crimson red? But the biggest question of all: Has there EVER been a video featuring such harsh, yet sexy, triple-bitch suffocation?
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