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Sealed Air Tight - (Full Movie)

Sealed Air Tight - (Full Movie)

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Now here is something new...different...sensual...and downright frightening. Mistress katia and her slave-boy aaron are a couple of true-life heavy players, and tonight they are going to take things farther then they've ever gone before. And YOU are invited to witness as aaron is led to the stage and completely bound in a cruciform position...and we mean COMPLETELY tied up, including his cock and balls. The dark, gothy katia runs her hands across his body, tempting him with delights he'll never truly taste: A hint of a lap dance...claws across the flesh of his thigh...a leather massage. But this cruel bitch has far worse in mind. "I'm going to shut you down!" she breathes as she tortures his nipples. Before inflicting smother torture, she places a bell within reach of one of his hands. One ring means he has trouble breathing, two rings means he's panicking, three rings means he's in true danger. Then the fun starts: Nose pinching, hand-over-mouth torment. Then she uses leather-clad hands to cut off ALL his oxygen. Panic sets in. He rings and rings. Katia doesn't care...she is too turned on! You'll see her torture his nips, squish his balls, and suffocate him...all at once. What a talented torturess! She squeezes balls like someone trying to wring a sponge dry. You can tell aaron's in genuine agony. But there's more: She gags him and duct tapes his mouth, then uses tongs to pinch his nose shut - now he REALLY panics. RING RING RING RING! "Turning a little pink on me, huh?" she smirks. "Look at the tears rolling down your face. I like that!"