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Gooey Grovel - (Full Movie)

Gooey Grovel - (Full Movie)

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Francesca looks so damn hot…what a bod! How'd a slob like bob ever end up with someone so babe-a-licious? Her friends are coming over this afternoon, so she bakes up some cookies, and forbids bob to touch them. Will he follow orders? Nope…and MAN, is he IN for it! She drags him by his ear, slaps him mercilessly, yanks his hair, and forces him to kiss her ass goodbye. ("Don't take this ass out of my life," pleads bob. "I've grown accustomed to it!") Tossing him to the floor, she forces him to worship her feet orally, smothers his awful face beneath that luscious butt, tramples him underfoot, and crushes his balls beneath her shoe. Then comes the nude breast smothering! (Now that's the kind of "punishment" I LIKE!!) When bob, under torture, reveals that he slept with one of Francesca's friends, she has no choice but to SPIT ON HIM! (Hey, this is a "bob" video…if you saw "I Spit on Your Slave," you know he's into all sorts of drooling weirdness.) The results are wet and wicked! She drips looghie all over his face and into his mouth, and even into his eye. When bob complains, Francesca yells back: "All you ever think about is yourself!" "Hey," replies bob, "I was thinking about your friend when I was humping her…" That's it: No more Ms. Nice Goddess. She sits on his saliva-covered face (!!!), then slaps him even harder. The spit-torture just keeps on coming! He likes cookies, does he? Fine. She SHOVES the rest of the cookies into his mouth, smashing them in until he chokes! To wash 'em down, she spits MILK on his face and into his mouth! He undergoes the ULTIMATE in humiliation - he gets DRENCHED!!