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Shake N Break - (Full Movie)

Shake N Break - (Full Movie)

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Tramplee is a psychiatrist hired to cure Kaitlynn (who wear CUTE see-thru outfits) and Eve of their obsession. What are they obsessed with? Abusing men! As any good therapist would, he volunteers to be tied to a table with his head in the dreaded SMOTHER BOX, inviting the girls to do whatever they want to his helpless body. Will this tactic help them work through their issues? Hell no! For the first time, these dangerous Dommes let themselves fly into a true homicidal frenzy. The BARE FEET IN FACE action will leave you panting with fear and fascination. For long minutes - maybe hours - his face stares straight up, unable to escape the horrendous full-body-weight head-standing. He's utterly unable to escape the full-force kicks to the ribs. (This may be the first kickboxing movie in which the opponent can't fight back!) "Stick your goddamn tongue out," orders Kaitlynn, who wants her feet nice and clean. When the dopey doc suggests an "anger management class," Kaitlynn makes him CHOKE on her toes. This video features some GREAT shots as the two girls trample his chest AND his face mercilessly - relentlessly - and very, very painfully. They dig their toes DEEP into his neck, as he emits frightening choking sounds. But that's not the worst. The worst is when Kaitlynn plops her cute ass on his face while Eve JUMPS up and down on his stomach and ribs. The action is un-fucking-believable! There's slapping, kicking, punching, non-stop verbal humiliation, toe-sucking, butt-bouncing, ultra-hard jumping, choking, smothering, butt-worship, groin-stomping, a series of high-jumps RIGHT ONTO HIS TORSO !!