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As Forced As It Gets - (Full Movie)

As Forced As It Gets - (Full Movie)

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"What are you doing in my room?" the beautiful Japanese Mistress Amrita asks alix, the stranger waiting in her bed. "Maybe you are thinking to rape me. You cannot do it! Because I will smother you out!" And with that she climbs aboard his face and covers his mug with her gold panties. "Are you trying to escape? You cannot, for my smothering is really hard." Let me clue you in - this bitch ain't kidding. She really likes to test how far a man can go without air. You can tell that her victims are getting close to The End by the way they flail uncontrollably and gasp desperately the moment she allows the slightest whiff of air. But that is just the beginning of her torture madness. When he refuses to honor her request not to move, she ties him up - using intricate Asian rope bondage, of the type rarely seen by western man. Look at how quick and deft she is - before he knows it, he is trussed up like an animal caught in a devilish trap. Not just his wrists: Check out the way his ankles are tied like a Thanksgiving turkey. Once he is secured, nothing in the world can stop her from assailing his face with her power-puss presentation. Not only that, he becomes the perfect victim for other demonic Asian perils - when was the last time you saw a woman use her feet to strangle a man by the throat? She also strangles him by hand - cold, cruel neck-wringing action. And she really comes close to making him greet the Reaper.
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