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Facesitting Blues - (Full Movie)

Facesitting Blues - (Full Movie)

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Star has never been sexier or more domineering than she is here - she's a Marx quoting socialist who has captured a capitalist pig named walter, and locked his head in the dreaded smother box. Seems walter hasn't been sharing his wealth. "From each according to his abilities, to each according to her needs!" Star rules. And what she needs now is to inflict pain! Her good comrade in this revolution is the mega-breasted Anita Cannibal, who crushes his skull beneath her powerful proletarian mams while Star punches his tummy. (This is the most brutal punching we've ever seen - Mike Tyson has nothing on Mistress Star!) When walter refuses to concede power, the girls really see red. Their "re-education" program includes ass-worship, bare-breast suffocation, choking, nostril-pinching, hand-over mouth suffocation, face-slapping, spike-heel trampling (FULL WEIGHT!), kicking, stomping, and lots more ass-suffocation. "Ah, look at those bloodshot eyes!" Star coos as she pussy-chokes him. When Anita pummels his noggin with her shoes, the bourgeois bastard actually dares to fight back. Time to punish him with barefoot face-stomping and incredible two-girl butt-suffocation. He blacks out with the smell of twat filling his senses.