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Smother The Stalker - (Full Movie)

Smother The Stalker - (Full Movie)

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A gorgeous star like Omega (in leopard lingerie!) naturally attracts fans. Usually, she loves 'em. But when a stupid stalker like bart starts intruding into her private life, well, that's another story. She has ways to break the stalking habit - like yanking his hair, pinning him to the ground, stepping on him in high-heel shoes, and - of course - planting her beautiful BUTT right on his face. Will she let him breathe? Heh heh. Only if he admits to all his horrible intrusions, and promises never to upset her again. But bart has an almost presidential inability to admit wrongdoing, so Omega digs in for lots and LOTS of forward and reverse facesitting. That's not all, of course: She likes to twist his sensitive nipples mercilessly to trample his tummy while wearing pointy high heel shoes to slap and beat and kick him…to try to pull his hair off…to step on his face (first with shoes, and then BAREFOOT) to force him to worship her feet to smother him by hand to trample him beneath her unshod feet to choke him violently, yet sensuously to kick his ribs…to spank him as though he were a disobedient little boy and to block the air from his lungs, using both her strong arms and her dainty feet. But most of all, this is an ass-on-face suffocation extravaganza. If you're a sucker for suffocation, you came to the right place. Please be seated!