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In a Class of Her Own - (Full Movie)

In a Class of Her Own - (Full Movie)

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The Empress of Evil returns to wreak havoc on fetish-lovers everywhere. This episode opens with a strange and unusual sight: Slave doc actually dares to plan a REBELLION! Yep, you read right. Tsarina catches him talking to himself, mutteringabout how he ain't gonna take any more of her shit. Seems he's filled his panties with a pistol (don't ask; you have to see it to understand) and now he has delusions of macho-ness. Tsarina knows how to change that. She makes him fellate the handgun! "He's going to be VERY disciplined today," Tsarina informs us. "And if he makes one little mistake, his life is over." She makes him oink like a pig while she ties up his cock and stretches his highly malleable balls as far as they ever have gone. She even makes him participate in his own c/b torture! Then she tramples him in dangerous platform shoes, making him suck her heels. And they way she stomps his cock and smashes his balls - HOLY SHIT! What she does to his testes is indescribable - frankly, it's nearly unwatchable. Soon, Tsarina wants doc to help her shave her private region - after which, she makes slave doc EAT the pubic hairs! As a reward for his service, she uses two crops to beat his bare tummy and his balls, which she proceeds to trample under her bare feet. His moans are very real - especially when she kicks his groin FULL-FORCE, repeatedly! She even stands on his face and neck, and makes him choke on her royal toes, followed by a between-the-thigh skull-crushing and lingering forced foot-worship. For sheer pain and humiliation, this video truly cannot be topped.
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