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Wrapped And Smothered - (Full Movie)

Wrapped And Smothered - (Full Movie)

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Peter is a delivery boy who dared to rebel against Mercedes and Goldie (to mean-spirited Mistresses dressed in their fetishy best) by spitting in their food. When they catch him, all hell breaks loose! Goldie – who fills out that tight black shift superbly – tosses him to the ground and subjects him to intense facesitting. Mercedes takes her cue, and plops that fabulous ass directly atop his noggin for a long-long session during which he is robbed of ALL air. The girls hit upon a novel plan: Mercedes smothers him with her vinyl boots, which Goldie presses into place with her full weight. These bitches indulge in a lot of leg-chokitude and head crushing action. Most of their torments, though, center on two-girl butt-smothering – one girl on top of the other, driving home their message with added weight. The girls wrap his body in plastic wrap, rendering him incapable of moving his limbs. “Is this supposed to keep me fresh?” he asks. Actually, they’ve rendered him immobile – and totally vulnerable. Now they hit him while they face-sit him. He must be sweating bullets! And yes, they also use plastic to cut off his airways. You’ll see some very sexy stuff as the bodacious Goldie crushes his skull between her thighs while squishing his nose into her twat. The girls doff their tops – god DAMN but they both have excellent breastage! – in order to subject their plain-wrapped victim to some serious titty-suffocation. This is followed by FULL NUDE TWAT SMOTHERATION, in explicit close-up. You’ll love the shots of Mercedes using her fingers to clamp his nostrils shut while she uses her labia to cover his mouth.