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Smotherbox Sensations - (Full Movie)

Smotherbox Sensations - (Full Movie)

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Tramplee plays a phone company representative who delivers the new telephone directory personally to his two favorite customers, gorgeous Francesca and beauteous bitch Angela Faith (check out her fetish-wear!). In fact, he is so conscientious, he delivers a new phone book every day. Obviously, his real agenda is to get a peek at the babes. "Do you know how many trees died to make these books?" screams the environmentally-conscious Angela, as the girls lock his head in the dreaded Smother box. They stomp him but GOOD - barefoot - all over his body. We are talking two girls, jumping up and down, full weight. Angela covers his face with her feet, smothering him right. Fantastic francesca stands RIGHT ON HIS HEAD while her partner treats him like a human trampoline. But that's nothing compared to the smother action. Ange really knows how to dig her crotch and ass into his face - no WAY he could breathe. This lithe and lethal lass even covers up the rest of his noggin with her feet while facesitting/smothering his nose and mouth. The hand-over-mouth suffocation is also extraordinary - and THEN they let him out of the box for neck-wringing, head-kicking, and between-the-thigh noggin-crackin'. Those gasps for air are the real thing, folks - and they are real infrequent. And just wait until you see Francesca smash her ass into his nose, then use her knees to knock the air out of his lungs. It all ends with the weirdest kink of all: Phone-book smothering!