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Sunday Paperboy Smother - (Full Movie)

Sunday Paperboy Smother - (Full Movie)

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Jerky john-boy is a paperboy with a bad habit: He tosses the daily news through the window! His lovely customers, erotic Eve and knockout newcomer Kaitlynn, are sorely displeased. "He needs to go back to paperboy school!" announces Eve. So they capture him and put him through their own special training course - in other words, he goes through a long, long session in the SMOTHER BOX! His head is locked in place tight - NO ESCAPE - as cruel Kaitlynn plants her pussy on his face for an AGONIZING long time. "You like the smell down there?" she asks. How can he answer? He has a mouth filled with muff! And when Kaitlynn gets tired, radiant Eve plants her ass atop his noggin. Hey girls, here's a news flash: Don't expect your victim to answer you if he can't breath! Hell, don't expect him to LIVE! They knee him, slap him, dig their fingers into his chest, pinch his nips, pound his tummy and worse. But most of all, this is an examination of the agony and the ecstasy of SUFFOCATION. You'll see Eve stretch her long, gorgeous legs across john-boy's bod. You'll see it...but HE won't: His face is permanently planted where the sun don't shine. "I wonder why your neck's purple?" asks Kaitlynn. "That's not a good sign. Don't die yet...I'm not done with you!" Of course not - they still have to slap his face, choke him by hand, cover his mouth and plug his nose. Why? "Just 'cause I love to see him squirm!" Poor john-boy - he used to pass out papers, and now he just...passes out!