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Smother of Invention - (Full Movie)

Smother of Invention - (Full Movie)

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Here are two of the cutest roommates we've seen in a while. Curvy Stacy Burke and lovely tramplee invite a masseuse over. He THINKS he's going to rub his hands over their lovely bodies. In fact, they trick him into sticking his head into the horrifying SMOTHER BOX. "Call us sick, call us twisted," announces Randee, "but this is what we do on a Friday night!" What they DO involves FACESITTING. Randee just loves to smother a slave with her twat! Stacy likes to alternate between butt-suffocation and hand-over-mouth work. Both girls get into the action - it takes two hands to smother that sucker! And then they "log on" for some breast smothering. When voluptuous Stacy let's her groodies pop out of her bra, your eyes will pop out of their sockets. Both girls use their bare feet to cut off his air supply - the foot-on face action is HOT, especially when they use their toes to pinch his nose. They even combine hand and foot choking…ever see THAT before? "Look at the way his eyes are turning red!" squeals Stacy - just before she clambers aboard his tummy for some barefoot trample action. And you'll love the pattern on her underwear when she strips down for some panty-clad facesitting.