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When Bitches Attack - (Full Movie)

When Bitches Attack - (Full Movie)

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The Fox network will never show this one - it's too hot! Two sizzling fetish-clad babes, Kyerstane and Alex Foxe, have captured an insignificant male victim named jim. He's just some guy they grabbed off the street. See, they like picking up random victims : Better be careful, or next time they may target YOU! As for Jim: They drag him back to the dungeon and lock his ugly mug in the horrifying smother box. Kyerstane plants her latex-clad butt right on his face and smothers him into an altered state of consciousness. And his nose goes crooked. He really passes out! Meanwhile, Alex tramples all over his bare, vulnerable body. Both girls then ass-smother him ceaselessly - and underline their smug attitudes by reading magazines while choking him brutally. Jim's gasps are VERY real. "You're only making it hard for yourself," Kyerstane explains. "Just relax and let me kill you." Alex shoves her high-heel pumps into his face, then tweaks his nose. GREAT HOM (hand over mouth) smothering in this flick. The girls make a game of "Marco Polo" out of it. "I think he's gonna pass out soon!" announces Kyerstane. "Look at the veins..." The girls actually combine HOM and neck-wringing. "Kiss the heel!" Alex orders as they shove shoe down his throat. You'll see some terrific high-heel trampling, followed by luscious bare foot worship, more hand-choking, heavy HOM-work, nonstop verbal humiliation, barefoot stompitude galore, BAREFOOT FACE-TRAMPLING, and more!