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Sienna Unleashed - (FULL MOVIE / HD FORMATTED)

Sienna Unleashed - (FULL MOVIE / HD FORMATTED)

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This is Nasty Facesitting and Ass Worship UNLEASHED to the next level. Sienna looks great in her shiny black outfit, even though alix apparently messed it up when he did the laundry. There was also something about them supposed to be going to a party or something like that but the important thing is she is pissed and is going to make him suffer. We've seen this girl slithering around other web sites on the net for awhile so we knew we were going to get some crazy nasty amazing footage. Alix is immediately tossed to the floor and a variety of facesitting styles ensue. Only 7 minutes go by and she is taking off her shorts (no panties of course) but she does keep those sexy black boots on. Sienna is one of the best girls we have ever had when it comes to nasty humiliating facesitting. Just like she mentions on her "DVD Extra" interview, she like to spread her ass cheeks wide open to get a good seal on her slave's face. She also like to hear her slave "sniff" while they have their nose deep in her ass. She binds her slave's wrists and ankles and continues the nasty nude mayhem. She is fully aware when a slave tried to turn his head to get some air and she gets very angry and turns his head right back where it her ass. The roaming camera gets all the great shots you want to see and the venue is nicely lit for crystal clear digital footage. If you are a fan of Nasty Nude Facesitting action, this is one great title you don't want to miss. We will be recommending this one around the office for years.