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Trample Bitches - (Full Movie)

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Suave and debonair Eddie (that's how he likes to be described, and I am NOT going to piss off a guy this size) visits a house inhabited by three mean Mistresses. Trying to wake them up with a tossed pebble, he accidentally breaks one of the windows. BIG mistake. These three girls may look like princesses, but they are really executioners! The ever-dazzling Taylor St. Clair (in lovely translucent lingerie) digs her white heels into his doughy tummy. Jewels steps on him black heels, while Star Chandler likes the barefoot approach. Eddie can take 'em one at a time?two and a time?but how about all three? See for yourself! And check out the way he licks the soles of his shoes, and worships Star's bare feet. And how about that tough figure-four choke hold, while two of the girls dig their high heels into his butt cheeks? They kick him like a bad habit, while Taylor roars like a triumphant She-cat. She rests her feet on his mucho-battered bald noggin while the others dance on his body. Good hand-smothering and foot-choking action, here?and when he falls unconscious, Star digs his filthy head into her pussy, then stands in her bare feet on his head. Then his head gets BURIED in female feet! Their heels cut into his back?and, yes, he BLEEDS! At the end they take turns LEAPING on him?WHAM! BAM! Thank you Ma'ams!