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Trample Citation - (Full Movie)

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Bart is a fire inspector who "sparks" the action when checks the extinguishers in the dungeon shared by Mistress Tori Sinclair and Mistress Kaitlynn (both of whom have never looked more gorgeous). He starts writing up citations for violations - little realizing that Tori and Kate specialize in violating anyone who annoys them! Talk about extinguishers! This fireman will be lucky if he survives this inspection - because it includes lots and lots and LOTS of barefoot trampling. Not to mention hard core butt-smothering, pussy suffocation, face-slapping, hand-choking, nose-plugging, spanking, and mucho forced foot worship. "Open your mouth!" orders Tori. "That's it?all the way down! Having trouble breathing there, bud?" Tori's butt looks utterly fetching as she grinds it straight onto bart's face. Kate grabs his hair and PULLS his face into her crotch ("This is not quite the way you wanted pussy, eh?"), while Tori dances, bounces and jumps on his chest and stomach. "Let's just keep him here?.make him our little slave," Tori suggests as she hunkers down for some first-class breast-smothering. Terrifying Tori loves to kick balls?almost as much as she enjoys standing RIGHT ON HIS FACE (barefoot) using her full weight! "Your lips are a little blue," Kate notes. This video contains some of the best angles we've ever seen of heavy-duty stompitude. And you'll love seeing the girls strap him to the horse, tie his hands, and dig in for some more forced face-sitting. Lots of creative work here with a dungeon full of toys.