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American Trample - (FULL MOVIE / HD FORMATTED)

American Trample - (FULL MOVIE / HD FORMATTED)

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Bart tries to return a pair of pantyhose he bought "for his girlfriend" (yeah, right!), because they allegedly have runs in 'em. That's because he WORE them once. The two lovely, voluptuous salesgirls, Lauren and Carolyn (who for some reason seem to operate their business out of a dungeon) toss him onto the bed and show him the error of his ways. "The better business bureau is going to hear from me!" bart warns. "Correction," says Carolyn. "NO-ONE is going to hear from you again." First stop on the punishment tour: Smothering and facesitting. When Lauren catches him looking up his skirt, she steps on his head?HARD?with her BARE FEET. She really tries to make his skull pop open! It's double-Domme trample time, as both ladies smash his body beneath their bare feet. You'll be amazed that he has any air left in his lungs! Lauren uses her pussy power to rob him of any air that remains, while Carolyn uses her feet to inflict a terrible tummy-ache. "How's THAT," asks Lauren , as she slaps him mercilessly. "Hit him harder!" Carolyn encourages "TEAR HIM APART!" Lauren tries to do just that?starting with his nipples. After gagging him, the girls slap his body heartlessly, then fling their bodies onto his. The breast smothering is extraordinary - as how could it not be, with these two sexy, chesty babes? When Carolyn doffs her top to choke him between her mondo milkers, you won't know whether bart's in hell or heaven.