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The Painter\'s Punishment (Full Movie / HD Formatted)

The Painter's Punishment (Full Movie / HD Formatted)

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Slave bart just painted Mistress Sky Blue's pad (he painted it blue, natch). But he spilled paint all over her lingerie. Sky, dressed in a sieg-heil black leather uniform, discovers the damage, and proceeds to exact revenge. First order of business: Tossing bart to the ground, stripping him, slapping him, kicking him, pulling his hair, and subjected him to the meanest chokeholds you'll see outside doggie training camp. Sky particularly loves the strap, which she even uses right on his face! She even whips his feet! OUCH! Sky gets nekkid, revealing that she is indeed a very BIG Sky - at least in the chest region, as bart discovers during those vicious breast-smothering sessions. They're KILLER! After a proper hog-tying, she straps his butt properly, makes him eat his own dirty underwear, and even tries to shove a paintbrush up his ass. (You gotta see it.) She proceeds to tie up his cock , and the results look VERY wicked, as she beats his body red while applying cruel c/b torture. You'll see high-heel trampling to his torso (with EVIL spike heels), then she smacks his helpless nuts while smothering the poor miserable worm with her special grind-em version of nude face-sitting. He's forced to tongue-worship her bare-feet, of course. Sky even wraps the hairy parts of his body with ultra-sticky duct tape - then RIPS the tape off! This is one MEAN mother, and you'll be happy to welcome her to the ever-growing IBN family.